Be Happy Day Nursery - Burnham

Be Happy Directors, Julie and Hellen, decided to buy Little Blues Nursery school in May 2016 when it went up for sale. Julie’s son attended Little Blues at the time so she was very familiar with the business, staff and children. 

Since Be Happy took over Little Blues, numbers have trebled. The management team work closely with the setting directors to continue to hold the quality of care whilst growing the business. 

Be Happy Day Nursery currently has maximum numbers of 24 but are looking at ways to increase this to 28 in the near future. We are also hoping to extend our hours to cover the working day from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Please get in touch for more information.

Our experienced staff provide exciting learning opportunities for every child to build and develop strong foundations to help them reach their full potential, allowing them to thrive and grow into fulfilled, happy adults.

Opening Times:

  • Monday - 8am - 5pm

  • Tuesday - 8am - 5pm

  • Wednesday 8am - 5pm

  • Thursday 8am - 5pm

  • Friday 8am - 5pm

We are open all year round providing great holiday clubs to complement our flexible working parents proposition

The setting is located on the Burnham Football Club site and has ample parking. 

Contact us for more information.

​How to join

You can download an application form here and submit it by post or email.

What do the staff say?

“Our passion and love for children is paramount. We offer quality childcare in a friendly, welcoming environment. At the heart of our ethos is the well being and happiness of the children. We place our children first and work in partnership with our families, creating an umbrella of care for all.”
- Nursery Manager, Nicky Rowe.

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