Be Happy After School club at James Elliman Academy

After-School club at James Elliman is open to the whole school, for all the children to enjoy.

We are based in the Ken Small Centre at the back of the staff car park.

Children will be escorted by their TA's to the school canteen where we will meet them and take them all over to the centre to enjoy after-school activities. We will provide children with a wide range of activities to learn from and enjoy as well as resources that will help them to relax after a long day at school.


We will provide a healthy light meal for your child within boundaries of all dietary requirements and ensure that fresh water and fruits are available throughout the session.


Staff are qualified and first aid trained.

Sessions run from:

3:15pm - 6pm everyday throughout James Elliman term time only.


Sessions cost £10 and we offer a 10% sibling discount.

To apply please download the application form and submit it to the Ken Small Centre or School office. Alternatively you can email it to us via

or speak to our manager Lucas Richards on 07483 153 972

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A chance for your child to mix with a group of children from all diffrent ages and make new friends along the way.

Meal Times

Delicious and healthy meals for your child everyday along with endless fruit snacks

Home Work Club

Experienced staff will be there everyday to help your child tackle their homework or all subjects


Watch your child develop as they freely explore our bright environment of resources.